Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Iwakuni Friendship Day - May 5th, 2010

US - Japan Friendship Day (click here for the link).

Every year, for one day only, on May 5th, the United States Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni base (located about an hour south of Hiroshima) holds U.S.-Japan Friendship Day and opens its gates for anyone and everyone that wants to visit. Normally, in order to be allowed on a US military base, one must either be military and show their military ID badge, or be sponsored and escorted around by a military personnel friend. Where I am neither US military personnel and don't have any US military friends in Iwakuni that can escort me, I too wait every year in anticipation for the chance to be surrounded by the finest of the fine...our (America's) beloved troops.

Or for the chance to eat here (don't judge is a once a year treat for those of us that live in small town rural Japan):

Most show up for the air show...between 250,000-300,000 show up annually for a chance to be impressed with the best of America and the best of Japan showing off some of the military might with impressive take offs, turns, dives, loops, and what not. This year featured 2 paratroopers, one from Japan with the Japanese flag, and one from America, with the American flag.

The other cool thing was that this year, the U2 spy plane made a guest of the few chances ever of being able to take photos of this famous aircraft! Other reasons to go are for the children...a great play area for the children, and if bikes are your thing...they have a place for everyone to park and show off their sweet rides...who knew there were so many bikers in Japan!!

Thanks, guys...keep up the great work and see you next year!